Blackbird Valley/ Mikhail Laxton

Redbird Live , 1165 Bank St, Ottawa

In the seemingly hopeless darkness of the pandemic lock downs singer/songwriter Mikhail Laxton unapologetically poured any every emotion from this time into song. Regardless of wether these songs would see the light of day Mikhail teamed up with Toronto Musician/Producer R. Grunwald. Together they used these works as a cathartic way to distract themselves from what was happening in the world around them. Inspired and determined they spent the better part 8 months recording these songs completely remotely and in November 2021 they released their first single "Hang On" into the world. This show at Redbird Live in Ottawa will be Blackbird Valleys first Official Show and will be showcasing their works to date. Lead Singer Mikhail will also be acting as the Opening act.