Folk Alley / Beehive Field recordings:

Mikhail Laxton - "Maybe It's a Good Thing" 

Singer/songwriter Mikhail Laxton originally hails from the wild rainforests in the Far North of Australia. After appearing on The Voice Australia and winning over his homeland, Mikhail landed in Canada to carve out a new sound. He has a new record coming out on the Canadian label Acronym Records. 

"I wrote this song after the experience of having to leave a place that I loved and some events that involved some serious betrayal. This hurt me deeply at the time. I lost good friends and I had no other option but to leave that town and those people. That was back in Australia my homeland — now I'm living on the other side of the planet with a wife and a son. I thought that town was where I was meant to be, but it turns out that all those crazy events happened to get me here to Canada, with the woman I have now living the life I do.” —M.L