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"Dying to let you go"

Laxton releases first single of debut album

An effortless blend of raw, soulful influence and gritty folk
sensibilities serve as the backbone for ‘Dying To Let You Go’, the new single from rising singer-songwriter Mikhail Laxton, out today via Acronym Records. ‘Dying To Let You Go’ is a deeply vulnerable offering from Laxton; his own father’s heart-breaking battle with addiction central to the song’s theme and perspective; delivering tender and compassionate insight into the push and pull of the disease. The first release from his forthcoming debut full-length album, ‘Dying To Let You Go’ acts as a cathartic outlet for Laxton’s past and present, all anchored by his dynamic voice; mournful, yet mighty. Laying bare the irony of how he first coped with his father’s death, Laxton reflects, “After his passing I spent the next four weeks completely wasted. Ironically all I kept thinking was why he didn’t sort it out before it got too bad. I kept imagining him when he was younger, having a conversation with himself wishing that he would have realized what he was doing and stopped.” He adds “When I was finally able to write this song, it poured out of me and at first, I had no idea what it was even about. As I finished it, it was clear. ‘Dying To Let You Go’ is that conversation. This song is written from his perspective, it’s the fairy-tale of my dad slaying his addiction. It’s him realizing that if he couldn’t let it go in time, it would take him.”

"dying to let you go" official music video